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Greener Magazine Here you'll find video of breaking news, current events radio, live weather updates from around the world interactive satellite and much more. Greener Magazine and our partners Google Earth, The National Radio Project, Reuters News Service and many others will continue to provide up to date media content here.

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Web Radio :: Health insurance: on the road to nowhere

Making Contact::As costs of insurance spiral out of control and the government continues to pour money into Iraq, many people wonder how they are going to survive the health care crisis in this country.

Radio archives:

Last week on Making Contact:: Immigration reform is the hot button issue in the U.S. Talk to your colleagues, friends or family, about it, and you¹re certain to spark a debate about what should be done with the 12 million undocumented people
working and living in this country. In fact, the U.S. Congress remains deadlocked over the issue, each side unable to hammer out a compromise that makes sense. So why is there so much debate?

On this edition, people who¹ve risked their lives to enter the U.S. undocumented share their personal stories of why they came, and what they hope for their futures and the future of immigrants in this country.

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